About Us

Just imaging any Devta, Vishnu, Balaji. What do you see. Lots of Gold and jewelry. Jewelry is not just ornament but it is symbol of prosperity. We are proud to say that we are in business of prosperity.
Let me share history of jewelry with you. It was not women but Men who started jewelry trend in stone age They used to wear bone, jaws, tooth of their hunt which used to be show off their hunting capabilities to attract female counter part. Later they moved to various metals and colored stones.
In Europe, only high level priest of church were allowed to wear gems stone as it is considered symbol of their position.

There is a science behind why we wear jewelery!
Apart from adding beauty, showcasing tradition, status symbol, there is pure science behind it.

Why do we wear Earrings ?
There is important nerve which connects brain, kidney and cervical passes through ear and if you put light pressure, these organs will work better.
Hence you can see in many culture even men do ear piercing.

Why do we wear Nosepin ?
It is said that women with nose pierced used to experience less labor pain and with earlier history & tradition of main purpose of women was to reproduction of atleast dozen kids.

Why Bangles?
Bangles helps to improve blood circulation that’s why even lot of men as well wear kada or bracelet.

Why Neck Piece ?
Mangal sutra or chain helps to regulate blood pressure and diamond is considered as vajra and reflect back any drusti or najar towards you.

We have experienced ourselves as my daughters are not getting drusti once they started wearing diamonds.

Sharing our history with our jewelry business.

In 2009, as entrepreneurs and not in-born jewelers, it was very big decision for us to take up a Jewelry Franchise as it was high investment business. We had to put every penny at stake to raise half of the money required. We used software processes like trend analysis, big data analysis and right stock which helped us to do great sales in less investment which surprised many heads in Retail.
From Science to Business: India earns around $40 billon USD via diamond jewelry business which is next to IT services which is around $60 billion USD so its huge markets which contributes 7% to GDP.
When we started our business, we found that people aspire to buy diamond but there was certain myths .

  • Diamonds were not affordable & belong only to the luxurious class.
  • Diamonds won’t suit everybody & astrologically a “YES” is required.
  • Diamond does not have any exchange or buyback value.

Diamonds used in Jewellary using CAD/CAM are generally small and doesn’t touch skin so there are no effects apart from making you look & feel great.

Our unique offering

  • Best Customized Design at Best Rates.
  • Reinventing / Reusing your Old Gold to Create New Usable Products.
  • Jewellery Care.
  • Making Coloured Stone / Gemstone Jewellery in Silver / White Yellow Gold.
  • Specialization : Engagement Rings, Customized Bridal Neckalces & Jewellery.

We respect people who gift diamond to their parents & hence we offer them additional discounts.

Along with jewelery, we are in creative business

Our core business is moving towards customized products as we can give you design what you have in mind instead of what is available in store. One product made only for you. Generally customized products are charged heavily but that is not the case for us. We provide customized product much lesser than competition.
Our tagline is Dream Design Delivered. It means, you Dream a design, We both sit and Design that jewelry on paper and finally my team deliver.
Most of the time, for marriage, people want to get unique jewelry but in most of the branded showroom, same designs are repeated many times and they are not unique. You need to pick from whatever is available in shop.
With Kanika Jewels, You can come up with any design and we will deliver it to you more than expected finish and at best rate in market.
Whenever you listen marriage word within your friends and family, Ask them to visit our showroom atleast once.

Along with jewelry, We are in Service business

We realized that most of the jewelers won’t focus on servicing of products. If you go with any service request for any jewelry, most of the jewelers will advise you to change it with new one. If someone agrees to change it, they will charges huge amount for same. We believe, jewelry has emotional value and we are please to service your products and make them new again. If you want to convert old designs to new designs as well. Give us referrals in this area as well.
One of the pain point of jewelry business is that nobody wants to service products sold. You can’t trust small service centers with your jewelry. Generic answer when you go for product repair is: Why not you give back this jewelry and buy new one where you will be paid less amount for old jewelry and additional making charges for new jewelry.
When I was not in this jewelry business, I myself paid 6000/- for small repairs of diamond necklace which should have costed only 600 Rupees.
Whenever you hear someone wants to give new life to their old jewelry just give them our referral. I can assure you that they will be delighted with our services.

Along with jewelry, We are in Saving business

As we believe in Savings while Spending & do not have cost overhead like other branded stores, we can provide you best rate in town for Diamond and gems stone requirements.
Saving of atleast 20% from market rates without compromising on quality & authenticity

Along with jewelry, We are in Gifting business

We even have Gift currency which you can gift to loved once. If you have collective or group funds for a friends/colleague marriage, Birthday, Farewell, Wedding Aniversary, House warming etc, you can always buy our Gift currency at discount rate so that your loved one can buy something substantial & timeless in the form of Gold & diamonds.
We have wide variety of gifting range starting from 3000/-. Gold is only gift which appreciate and recipient keep it for long time. Whenever you listen marriage anniversary, Birthdays or any other festive occasion, connect us to them. We will provide great range of products within their budget to meet their requirement.